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Beer, Pattaya, 18 years old

[Aug 27, 2017]
Help im addicted to Beer! 18 year old cum junkie Beer is back for a third helping of sperm here at Asian Suck Dolls. You’ve heard me say before that fucking beer is like fucking a seasoned pornstar. Well the more I Fuck this girl, the more I start to think she’s some sex robot sent to Thailand from the future. I mean really…how can any girl be this good at sucking cock, riding cock and swallowing cum? Its like giving expert suck jobs has been programmed in her brain! Well if Beer really is a sex robot then call me the Sperminator heh heh. After Beer strips nude, she knows immediately what to do. She grabs a hold of my cock and starts her sexual mission. She sucks, she fucks, and most importantly she swallows every single drop of jism like her life depended on it. See more of sexy Beer at Thai Girls Wild

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