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Beer Thongyangyuen, Pattaya, 18 years old.

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I knew from the second her teen's pussy flushed out the last of my creampie, that she would be back for another scene. Guess what? I was right! Beer is a natural born porno star with the cutest face, nice rack, and a bubble butt that would make a bar of soap proud. But besides her great looks, this girl can suck and fuck like a girl straight out of any adult movie. I mean seriously if Beer was in America, she would be the next up and coming Asian Porn Star, right next to the likes of Tera Patrick. She is truly gifted to be a sex queen at such a ripe age. I just sat back and enjoyed the view while she polished my knob before I blasted several white streaks of cum upon her pretty little face. Asian Suck Dolls members get THREE different full length videos of Beer sucking cock and swallowing cum, as well as two Creampie scenes. Its fine, go on a Beer binge! See more at Thai Girls Wild.

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  • Name: Mini Koochinchai
    Length: 24:47

    Mini Koochinchai

    • Currently 4.00/5
    Rating: 4.0, 257 votes

    Asian Cheerleader Mini gets a facial load all over her pretty faceRead More

  • Name: Indyah Pansurat
    Length: 18:05

    Indyah Pansurat

    • Currently 4.24/5
    Rating: 4.2, 245 votes

    Sexy looking half Thai, half Indian girl takes a shot of spunk in her mouth for the first timeRead More

  • Name: M Oebphop
    Length: 14:23

    M Oebphop

    • Currently 3.72/5
    Rating: 3.7, 237 votes

    A model named M from 4 years ago returns for a visit and gets a facialRead More

  • Name: Star Rattikal
    Length: 14:36

    Star Rattikal

    • Currently 3.59/5
    Rating: 3.6, 234 votes

    Sexy Thailand Showgirl gets her face splattered with jizz.Read More

  • Name: Pinki Sathika
    Length: 12:30

    Pinki Sathika

    • Currently 3.46/5
    Rating: 3.5, 240 votes

    Pinki wants clearer skin, so I give her a patented Asian Suck Dolls facial!Read More

  • Name: Som Anulux
    Length: 17:29

    Som Anulux

    • Currently 3.61/5
    Rating: 3.6, 260 votes

    Creampie Thais model Som is back to get a nice healthy load of sperm into her mouthRead More

  • Name: Cat Ounkom
    Length: 11:03

    Cat Ounkom

    • Currently 3.13/5
    Rating: 3.1, 264 votes

    Petite Go-Go dancer Cat sucks her first foreign cockRead More

  • Name: Nina Ratthaphon
    Length: 09:45

    Nina Ratthaphon

    • Currently 3.53/5
    Rating: 3.5, 265 votes

    Cute Asian slut gives a great blowjob and deepthroatsRead More

  • Name: Peung Rommanee
    Length: 15:39

    Peung Rommanee

    • Currently 3.49/5
    Rating: 3.5, 239 votes

    Freelancer Peung offers anal, rimming, and says she will swallow. I had to say YesRead More

  • Name: Oy Chankhom
    Length: 18:48

    Oy Chankhom

    • Currently 3.54/5
    Rating: 3.5, 261 votes

    Asian with the most amazing ass drinks my spermRead More

  • Name: Dar Choorat
    Length: 18:46

    Dar Choorat

    • Currently 3.62/5
    Rating: 3.6, 264 votes

    CreampieThais star Dar gets a load of cumRead More

  • Name: Nuk Plangklang
    Length: 14:59

    Nuk Plangklang

    • Currently 3.44/5
    Rating: 3.4, 266 votes

    Sexy Thai girl Nuk gets a yummy mouthful of spermRead More

  • Name: Beer Thongyangyuen
    Length: 12:39

    Beer Thongyangyuen

    • Currently 3.41/5
    Rating: 3.4, 267 votes

    Thai Superstar Beer makes her return for another helping of sperm!Read More

  • Name: Bee Phanoon
    Length: 08:09

    Bee Phanoon

    • Currently 3.64/5
    Rating: 3.6, 244 votes

    Tall Thai girl Bee is a great cock sucker who gets blasted in the mouth with cumRead More

  • Name: Rin Jitnarong
    Length: 11:22

    Rin Jitnarong

    • Currently 3.93/5
    Rating: 3.9, 255 votes

    Thai cum junkie Rin gets a huge facial loadRead More

  • Name: Paen Mapato
    Length: 15:40

    Paen Mapato

    • Currently 3.95/5
    Rating: 3.9, 237 votes

    Paen give a great blowjob and gets a mouthful of spunk!Read More

  • Name: Nana Thongyou
    Length: 13:54

    Nana Thongyou

    • Currently 3.88/5
    Rating: 3.9, 233 votes

    Nana swallows another loadRead More

  • Name: Bin Kumpong
    Length: 16:53

    Bin Kumpong

    • Currently 3.94/5
    Rating: 3.9, 255 votes

    Agressive Asian whore drinks down the salty spunk with a smileRead More

  • Name: Eye Rohitguntor
    Length: 14:47

    Eye Rohitguntor

    • Currently 3.84/5
    Rating: 3.8, 260 votes

    18 year old Thai teen Eye gets a mouthful of cock and a faceful of cum all over her pretty faceRead More

  • Name: Nana Thongyou
    Length: 18:49

    Nana Thongyou

    • Currently 3.78/5
    Rating: 3.8, 239 votes

    Asian Suck Doll tastes semen on her lipsRead More

  • Name: Fa Yoswichai
    Length: 12:36

    Fa Yoswichai

    • Currently 3.88/5
    Rating: 3.9, 249 votes

    Thai teen Fa from CreampieThais.com is back for a mouthful of spunkRead More

  • Name: Gif Kongpisan
    Length: 11:43

    Gif Kongpisan

    • Currently 4.14/5
    Rating: 4.1, 244 votes

    Sweet Asian teen sucks for a mouthful of jizzRead More

  • Name: Kung Nichabhat
    Length: 15:18

    Kung Nichabhat

    • Currently 4.17/5
    Rating: 4.2, 243 votes

    18 year old teen sensation Kung is just what the doctor ordered.Read More

  • Name: Fon Thepnarong
    Length: 14:48

    Fon Thepnarong

    • Currently 3.52/5
    Rating: 3.5, 259 votes

    Asian goddess suck, fuck and swallows cumRead More

  • Name: Pun Kangkaeo
    Length: 10:44

    Pun Kangkaeo

    • Currently 3.81/5
    Rating: 3.8, 249 votes

    22 year old Pun has a sweet tooth for my sperm syrupRead More

  • Name: Aom Komutphan
    Length: 10:52

    Aom Komutphan

    • Currently 3.74/5
    Rating: 3.7, 255 votes

    Big tittied Asian Suck Doll swallows it all.Read More

  • Name: Kip Ketkeaw
    Length: 15:33

    Kip Ketkeaw

    • Currently 3.67/5
    Rating: 3.7, 246 votes

    Thai teen Kip is back again for another creamy facialRead More

  • Name: A Panyanak
    Length: 08:51

    A Panyanak

    • Currently 3.39/5
    Rating: 3.4, 242 votes

    Asian whore with nice tits gets a mouthful of cumRead More

  • Name: Wanne Jansuk
    Length: 13:29

    Wanne Jansuk

    • Currently 3.90/5
    Rating: 3.9, 265 votes

    Submissive teen WanneRead More

  • Name: Noon Hemtep
    Length: 13:20

    Noon Hemtep

    • Currently 3.47/5
    Rating: 3.5, 243 votes

    19yr old Asian eager beaver swallows a load of jizzRead More

  • Name: Bea Phopoon
    Length: 26:12

    Bea Phopoon

    • Currently 4.03/5
    Rating: 4.0, 234 votes

    Bea is a 22 year old natural pornstar who takes a massive load into her mouthRead More

  • Name: Nuch Kasalong
    Length: 12:09

    Nuch Kasalong

    • Currently 3.70/5
    Rating: 3.7, 265 votes

    Cute Asian hottie gets a face splattered with cumRead More

  • Name: Nue Thonglor
    Length: 10:32

    Nue Thonglor

    • Currently 3.43/5
    Rating: 3.4, 245 votes

    Convention girl gets blasted with cumRead More

  • Name: Gik Jungkung
    Length: 13:32

    Gik Jungkung

    • Currently 3.25/5
    Rating: 3.3, 252 votes

    Young Thai girl named Gik get a nice pussy pounding before tasting a wad of salty semenRead More

  • Name: Tak Janphong
    Length: 19:08

    Tak Janphong

    • Currently 3.20/5
    Rating: 3.2, 269 votes

    Thai girl with a plump rump takes my load in her mouth and swallowsRead More

  • Name: Katie Songthong
    Length: 09:00

    Katie Songthong

    • Currently 3.80/5
    Rating: 3.8, 246 votes

    Long legged Asian girl is fucked then swallows all my cumRead More

  • Name: Aon Butsriphum
    Length: 15:27

    Aon Butsriphum

    • Currently 3.77/5
    Rating: 3.8, 268 votes

    19 year old Bangkok slut offers her willing face to be blasted with a load of cumRead More

  • Name: Taew Ngoentalk
    Length: 16:55

    Taew Ngoentalk

    • Currently 3.67/5
    Rating: 3.7, 261 votes

    Bangkok dancer swallows it allRead More

  • Name: Nim Toopimay
    Length: 09:29

    Nim Toopimay

    • Currently 3.91/5
    Rating: 3.9, 268 votes

    Cute looking street whore gets fucked and her face is painted with all my spermRead More

  • Name: Jenny Mangmee
    Length: 18:38

    Jenny Mangmee

    • Currently 4.06/5
    Rating: 4.1, 256 votes

    Big titty Asian Slut takes a nut in her mouth.Read More

  • Name: Kim & Fon
    Length: 05:31

    Kim & Fon

    • Currently 3.92/5
    Rating: 3.9, 253 votes

    Tag team blowjob by a couple of Thai girls and one gets a fat load on her tongueRead More

  • Name: Jantra Nichanat
    Length: 10:44

    Jantra Nichanat

    • Currently 3.30/5
    Rating: 3.3, 250 votes

    Asian escort Jantra provides a CIM services to special clientsRead More

  • Name: Tun Pinkaew
    Length: 10:15

    Tun Pinkaew

    • Currently 3.66/5
    Rating: 3.7, 235 votes

    Teen girl Tun stops by to play Jenga and get another cream treat injected into her mouthRead More

  • Name: Nana Thongyou
    Length: 13:21

    Nana Thongyou

    • Currently 4.14/5
    Rating: 4.1, 232 votes

    20 year old Nana has soft skin with a hairless pussy and she gobbles up sperm like milkRead More

  • Name: Puy Chumpoongam
    Length: 06:43

    Puy Chumpoongam

    • Currently 3.50/5
    Rating: 3.5, 260 votes

    Schoolgirl Puy sucks cockRead More

  • Name: Joon Charoensup
    Length: 14:26

    Joon Charoensup

    • Currently 3.73/5
    Rating: 3.7, 271 votes

    Asian cutie with a round booty swallows down a load of cumRead More

  • Name: Pla Sukprom
    Length: 15:54

    Pla Sukprom

    • Currently 3.59/5
    Rating: 3.6, 250 votes

    Sexy Thai MILF stops by to get fucked in the ass and take my entire load in her mouthRead More

  • Name: Tun Pinkaew
    Length: 10:10

    Tun Pinkaew

    • Currently 3.68/5
    Rating: 3.7, 253 votes

    Cute 18 year old Tun give her best performance by swallowing a load of spermRead More

  • Name: Kip Ketkeaw
    Length: 09:34

    Kip Ketkeaw

    • Currently 4.04/5
    Rating: 4.0, 249 votes

    Teen Kip is back to get a nasty facial across her pretty little faceRead More

  • Name: Beer Thongyangyuen
    Length: 12:11

    Beer Thongyangyuen

    • Currently 3.99/5
    Rating: 4.0, 250 votes

    Cute Thai teenRead More

  • Name: Pim Narongmee
    Length: 06:14

    Pim Narongmee

    • Currently 4.16/5
    Rating: 4.2, 244 votes

    Cute little Thai sex doll gets a mouthful of creamy cumRead More

  • Name: Mo Sangtong & Joon Charoensup
    Length: 15:17

    Mo Sangtong & Joon Charoensup

    • Currently 3.59/5
    Rating: 3.6, 258 votes

    Two for the price of one in this weekRead More

  • Name: Nat Yotpirunpong
    Length: 05:56

    Nat Yotpirunpong

    • Currently 4.01/5
    Rating: 4.0, 240 votes

    Cute Asian spinner who weighs 85lbs gets rewarded with a messy facialRead More

  • Name: Not Thanetphon
    Length: 16:13

    Not Thanetphon

    • Currently 4.21/5
    Rating: 4.2, 242 votes

    Early morning disco diva gets fucked and has her face sprayed with jizz.Read More

  • Name: Joon Charoensup
    Length: 16:20

    Joon Charoensup

    • Currently 3.20/5
    Rating: 3.2, 266 votes

    Sweet young Joon is back to suck cock and take a nice load of cum.Read More

  • Name: Sweet Ketmanee
    Length: 09:35

    Sweet Ketmanee

    • Currently 3.37/5
    Rating: 3.4, 243 votes

    Sexy Asian girl gets a nice facial of warm jizzRead More

  • Name: Mo Sangtong
    Length: 19:49

    Mo Sangtong

    • Currently 3.23/5
    Rating: 3.2, 269 votes

    Sexy Asian girl with the perfect brown nipples sucks the cum from my cockRead More

  • Name: Eaw Saensakul
    Length: 16:59

    Eaw Saensakul

    • Currently 3.69/5
    Rating: 3.7, 259 votes

    Thai goddess Eaw gives the blowjob and fuck of a lifetimeRead More

  • Name: Febe Laongchai
    Length: :

    Febe Laongchai

    • Currently 3.27/5
    Rating: 3.3, 270 votes

    18 year old Pattaya Bargirl Febe enjoys a facial loadRead More

  • Name: Beer Thongyangyuen
    Length: 08:34

    Beer Thongyangyuen

    • Currently 4.15/5
    Rating: 4.2, 241 votes

    Horny Bargirl Beer is Back for another Facial LoadRead More

  • Name: Apple Sihaboonthong
    Length: 19:57

    Apple Sihaboonthong

    • Currently 3.43/5
    Rating: 3.4, 236 votes

    23 year old Apple gets a wad of cum in her mouth and spits it all outRead More

  • Name: Tong Kangwantanachot
    Length: 15:38

    Tong Kangwantanachot

    • Currently 3.54/5
    Rating: 3.5, 232 votes

    Horny Bargirl Tong enjoys a mouthful of cumRead More

  • Name: Nid Tapanat
    Length: 20:33

    Nid Tapanat

    • Currently 3.93/5
    Rating: 3.9, 257 votes

    Naughty Thai slut Nid opens her mouth for a wide loadRead More

  • Name: Beer Thongyangyuen
    Length: 11:08

    Beer Thongyangyuen

    • Currently 4.25/5
    Rating: 4.2, 238 votes

    Asian Suck Dolls Favorite Beer returns for a 3rd facial loadRead More

  • Name: Beem Bonpunya
    Length: 09:24

    Beem Bonpunya

    • Currently 3.82/5
    Rating: 3.8, 230 votes

    Shaved Thai girl Beem swallows cum on cameraRead More

  • Name: Polly Chobchon
    Length: 14:47

    Polly Chobchon

    • Currently 4.42/5
    Rating: 4.4, 231 votes

    19 year old Polly shows off her tiny Thai PussyRead More

  • Name: Far Prykaew
    Length: 11:35

    Far Prykaew

    • Currently 4.24/5
    Rating: 4.2, 249 votes

    Petite Thai Girl Far Facialized for the first timeRead More

  • Name: Poy Jeamjeang
    Length: 20:01

    Poy Jeamjeang

    • Currently 3.65/5
    Rating: 3.7, 246 votes

    Horny Thai Girl Poy Swallows a load of cumRead More

  • Name: Powder Ruamsamuk
    Length: 17:27

    Powder Ruamsamuk

    • Currently 4.15/5
    Rating: 4.1, 231 votes

    18 year old cumshot virgin Powder gets a facialRead More

  • Name: Sai Thaptara
    Length: 12:27

    Sai Thaptara

    • Currently 3.63/5
    Rating: 3.6, 246 votes

    Thai Slut Sai opens wide for a huge cumshotRead More

  • Name: Meme Jaktepwong
    Length: 18:19

    Meme Jaktepwong

    • Currently 4.04/5
    Rating: 4.0, 250 votes

    Asian Girl with Braces sucks cock and swallows cumRead More

  • Name: Pong Phoomjan
    Length: 26:28

    Pong Phoomjan

    • Currently 3.58/5
    Rating: 3.6, 266 votes

    Asian Showgirl Pong takes on her first white cockRead More

  • Name: Ple Sinsewee
    Length: 14:01

    Ple Sinsewee

    • Currently 3.80/5
    Rating: 3.8, 265 votes

    18 year old thai girl Ple gargling a huge load of cumRead More

  • Name: Mint Thabthim
    Length: 12:46

    Mint Thabthim

    • Currently 3.82/5
    Rating: 3.8, 257 votes

    21 year old bargirl Mint facefucked then facialized.Read More

  • Name: Ratana Tipsook
    Length: 13:38

    Ratana Tipsook

    • Currently 3.21/5
    Rating: 3.2, 271 votes

    Bangkok Go-Go Dancer Ratana swallows a mouthful of cumRead More

  • Name: Kip Ketkeaw
    Length: 15:39

    Kip Ketkeaw

    • Currently 3.55/5
    Rating: 3.5, 251 votes

    Thai girl Kip is back for a third facial cumshot!Read More

  • Name: Lena Maneedit
    Length: 16:10

    Lena Maneedit

    • Currently 3.86/5
    Rating: 3.9, 277 votes

    Busty Thai whore Lena gets a facial cumshotRead More

  • Name: Dar Choorat
    Length: 16:45

    Dar Choorat

    • Currently 3.35/5
    Rating: 3.3, 266 votes

    Thai Teen Dar returns to get a creamy facial load!Read More

  • Name: Jane Pongrasamiroj
    Length: 20:20

    Jane Pongrasamiroj

    • Currently 3.60/5
    Rating: 3.6, 242 votes

    Army babe Jane drops her gun for a faceful of cum!Read More

  • Name: Fern Nutnicha
    Length: 16:04

    Fern Nutnicha

    • Currently 3.23/5
    Rating: 3.2, 256 votes

    Two time creampie thais model Fern takes a facial cumshot!Read More

  • Name: Boon Ruttarakarn
    Length: 19:04

    Boon Ruttarakarn

    • Currently 3.95/5
    Rating: 3.9, 245 votes

    Big round booty Boon bounces her amazing ass on my cock, and swallows my cumRead More

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